Yellow Danburite is a very special and rare stone. These beautiful ‘A’ grade natural pieces are from Tanzania and their golden glow is one of a kind.

"Yellow Danburite is an excellent calming stone, encouraging the release of stress and worry, helping optimism to shine onto the situation. Damburite will help those who wish to evolve spiritually, encouraging communication with one’s Guides and Angels. Placing a piece of Damburite under one’s pillow at night can help aid peaceful sleep due to its soothing energy". - Venusrox

Danburite is named after its discovery in Danbury, Connecticut USA and comes in other colours such as pale pink or colourless/ white. They are incredible stones and their energy properties are fantastic for those suffering from sleep deprivation or seeking spiritual expansion.

Yellow Danburite is available from the Venusrox showroom from £90.00

January 14, 2014 — Matt Forster