Large Selenite Piece Venusrox London

Large Fish Tail Selenite at Venusrox

'Fish Tail' Selenite in the afternoon sunshine helping one see its true magnificence and how hard nature works to create her masterpieces.

"Selenite is excellent for clearing negativity and blocks plus helps overcome stagnation, enabling one to move forward with clarity and confidence. It assists communication with spirit guides and angels. Placing other stones on Selenite wands amplifies their energies." - Venusrox

This particular piece is new into the showroom along with other examples including Selenite spheres, Selenite Wands, Selenite Blades, Selenite smooth stones etc. Each is totally unique and individual to ensure you can enjoy making a connection right for you in this moment.

Get in touch for further images and details so you too can enjoy the advantage of natural, clear-energy stones in your life.


March 17, 2014 — Matt Forster