A Soul is everything...

We continually get asked, ‘Why are your crystals so different? Your crystals feel and look brighter and seem somehow alive’…that is because they are!

We believe there is a common misconception that all crystals have beneficial energy; we believe they do not. 

We truly believe the reason why our crystals are so different is because each one has a Soul (and clear energy, but that is a different topic for a different day!).

As people who ‘walk the talk’, we have learned the hard way, that in order to truly benefit from the energy of a crystal, the energy has to be present in the first place. Throughout our journey with energy and crystals, wherever we have travelled and wherever we have visited, be it a mine or a show, or a crystal shop, we discovered that the vast majority of the crystals were soulless or ‘dead’.  Simply lifeless pieces of rock that offered no intrinsic energy benefit to the purchaser. Hence it became our motivation and passion to seek out the crystals with energy and a soul, without compromise, and Venusrox was born. 

Yes, it would be much easier and cheaper to source our crystals in bulk, but this will never work for Venusrox.  Even hand selecting is challenging.  We, of course, have to hand select, and many claim to do the same, but hand selecting offers little benefit on an energy level if you are unable to see the soul. With so many soulless crystals out there, if you cannot see the soul, the odds of selecting a soul bearing crystal are very slim and selecting comes down to pot luck. 

We can see the Souls. They are much harder to find and the effort required to find them is much greater, as there may be only one crystal in a 100 that has a soul, and we will only ever buy that one!

We travel considerably (twice already this year to opposite ends of the earth) to view a vast selection, in order to maximise the chances of us finding the crystals with souls. If a soul is not present, we never purchase, however easy it would be to sell that crystal to make money; we will never compromise. Most are exquisitely beautiful and sometimes they may not be the most aesthetically pleasing or geologically perfect, but they always have a soul…that is what makes Venusrox crystals so very, very special.

An unclear crystal with a soul can be cleared but it became apparent, very quickly, that once a soul has run, only in very exceptional circumstances (we can count the number on one hand!) can it be returned to the crystal. The soul may take residence in another crystal at some point in the future, but not the same crystal.

Energy through crystals is immensely powerful, but a soul and clear energy have to be present for the crystal to work it’s magic…that is why the presence of a soul is everything.

March 18, 2018 — Victoria Forster