Venusrox Hearts at the London Showroom W11

These tiny hearts have arrived into the showroom, including Ruby, Tigers Eye, Ruby in Zoisite, stunning Blue Kyanite, Ruby & Fuschite and Fluorite.

Hearts are always a gorgeous way to gift a crystal and we have some larger ones arriving soon.

"Tigers Eye: This is a stone of action.  It also helps one stay grounded, centered and calm, regardless of the situation.  It encourages mental clarity, activates intellect and sharpens the logical mind.  It activates one’s will and is a great stone to call upon when one needs to persevere through hard effort and difficulties, lending strength to the carrier."

The size of these hearts make them perfect for the pocket or to carry around in any way desired. From £8.00 and sizes available are from 10mm to 30mm.

February 18, 2014 — Matt Forster
Tags: crystals