Venusrox Crystal Flames London

At Venusrox we aim to showcase the very best examples of the mineral kingdom, including some sculptural pieces such as 'Flames". 
Our polished flames include a deliciously green large Fluorite Flame and a smaller green Fluorite, a large milky Gyrosol Quartz from Madagascar, smaller flames of Smoky Quartz and also Clear Quartz. Each one boasts brilliant inner features, that in the light become spectacularly clear.

"Fluorite gives mental clarity and clears the energy fields. It improves decision making and helps one choose a direction and take action." - Venusrox 

These beautiful sculptural crystals are just a taster of what's available from our London showroom collection and placing them within a space beautifully combines art with the stone's natural energy benefits. Nature is surely the wisest and most magnificent artist, so visit us for the ultimate experience in discovering the true brilliance of rocks, gems, crystals and minerals. 

*More flames are available at the showroom including Rose Quartz, Ocean Jasper and Indigo Gabbro. 

June 11, 2014 — Matt Forster