Venusrox London Crystal and Gem Pendatns

Unique in essence and design, here are some truly powerful stones, newly handcrafted into pendants at Venusrox.

From left, an amazing Moldavite leaf from The Czech Republic. A no nonsense, high energy stone, encouraging revitalisation and acceleration on one’s path of personal evolution.

Next is Aquamarine, a powerful cooling, calming and soothing stone. Followed by a gorgeous small Grossular Garnet from Kenya. Grossular Garnet is a strong prosperity stone helping one celebrate what one has now whist teaching gratitude.

The large Pallasite Meteorite from Chile is a fabulously powerful combination of energies including grounding, abundance and helping one overcome thoughts of scarcity. Another very special jewellery piece…

The almost glowing red stone on the end is a Spessartine Garnet from the Navegadora Mine in Brazil. A significant stone in stimulating all aspects of one’s creative abilities and energies, encouraging one to take action towards one’s goals.

Lastly the green point of Zincite from Poland is a very powerful stone and some may find the energy rather intense. It’s a great ally for the process of creation encouraging personal power, courage, passion, creativity and will. If you can work with this stone, you’re in for a treat!

Overall exciting stones are now available at Venusrox and if you’re embarking on a new challenge or journey within, one of these powerful beauties may be right for you….


March 13, 2014 — Matt Forster