Aquamarine Pendants

Aquamarine Pendants

These stunning pieces hold a remarkable and beautiful energy. From Russia, these Aquamarine crystals were an amazing find and we were excited to add them to our pendant collection by allowing the stone to dictate the design…

“For women Aquamarine lends courage and clarity to express one’s inner knowledge and enhances intuitive abilities. For men, it helps express and communicate their feelings. It is excellent in helping children who are shy. Aquamarine calms anger and hysteria and helps express truth.”

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**Please note the top pendant has now SOLD**

November 03, 2017 — Giuliana Santos

Harper’s Bazaar April 2015

March 12, 2015 — Matt Forster

Natural Aquamarine Crystal

Natural Aquamarine Crystal at Venusrox London
June 30, 2014 — Matt Forster

Polished Crystal Spheres

Venusrox Premier Spheres from the London Collection
June 22, 2014 — Matt Forster

Truly Powerful Crystal Pendants

Venusrox London Crystal and Gem Pendatns
March 13, 2014 — Matt Forster