Day 8

Day 8 Handmade green crystal bracelets from Emerald to Chrome Diopside, Green Jade or Moldavite…What would you love to unwrap this Christmas?

Browse the website or visit us this weekend for plenty of inspirationHave a wonderful Friday night x

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December 08, 2017 — Giuliana Santos

Christmas Spheres

Who else would love to unwrap one of our crystal spheres for Christmas?

From Lapis Lazuli to Pyrite Geode Spheres, each one holds its own perfect story, energy and beauty. Message us for details or visit the website to see more on our crystal sphere collection. Handpicked & always chosen with great care (at Venusrox)

December 07, 2017 — Giuliana Santos

Timeless Venusrox Sphere Pendants

Timeless Venusrox Sphere Pendants, the perfect gift for the party season!

December 06, 2017 — Giuliana Santos

Day Five - Crystal Spheres

It’s the 5th day of our #24daysofcrystals and we are celebrating with five gorgeous crystal spheres.

Spheres offer us a sense of elegance that can symbolise unity, infinity and wholeness. What do you love about spheres? We love holding them in the palm of our hands and placing them around the home
Hop online to see the collection from Crazy Lace Agate to Emerald - there is something for everyone at Venusrox


December 05, 2017 — Natalie Hayward

Day Four - Crystal Points

Day 4 of our #24daysofcrystals in the run up to Christmas & today we are sharing our gorgeous Celestial Quartz points We know them to be powerful record keepers that hold information connecting us to the plan for the evolvement of our planet & the role we play in this unfoldment.

If you feel drawn to them for yourself or for someone else, message us for all details or email Enjoy your evening, #Venusrox #London #Crystals (at Venusrox)

December 04, 2017 — Natalie Hayward