Crystal Clear Perspective

Crystal Clear Perspective

From every angle and corner of Venusrox there awaits a stunning crystal or gem that can take your breath away! 

We love allowing our customers the space to explore the mineral world here in the shop and to discover which stone is calling to them. Via the virtual showroom you can enjoy the same energy and joy of discovering Venusrox. We pride ourselves on gifting customers a unique experience in selecting a crystal or jewellery piece, so hop online or come and visit us for the full Venusrox experience…

Have a wonderful weekend! VR x

Glowing Labradorite

Everything amazes us here at Venusrox when it comes to the depth and variety of each and every stone. This gorgeous ‘A Grade’ Madagascan Labradorite free-form boasts the most glorious flashes, captivating one’s imagination and reminding us of how incredible Mother Nature is.

“Labradorite is a stone of magic. It brings awareness of one’s inborn magical powers (magic meaning intuitive abilities). It offers one the chance to embark upon voyages of discoveries.“

Email and quote “Labradorite/Tumblr” for more details x

March 24, 2017 — Matt Forster

Diamantina Quartz

Diamantina Quartz has a very clear and a very sharp energy making this a powerful form of Quartz.

Clear Quartz amplifies the energies of all stones. It gives clarity of mind and helps overcome confusion. It assists in creating a strong connection to one’s guides, enabling clear communication.

Email quoting Tumblr/Diamantina Quartz for information on this piece.